FX Cruiser SVHO
FX Cruiser SVHO
FX Cruiser SVHO
FX Cruiser SVHO
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FX Cruiser SVHO
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FX Cruiser SVHO

Ride - a new way to intuitively control the motorboat when it is moving forward, steering, decelerating and reversing. The pressure free control method allows you to have no worries and enjoy more pleasure brought by cruising. At the same time, it supports fast deceleration and maintains smooth driving during deceleration.
After starting the engine, use the right control lever to start smoothly from the static state.
to turn to
Use the right throttle lever and steering control to turn. You can also turn when slowing down (using the left lever).
Slow down
For traditional motor boats, release the right control lever to slow down. But now, you just need to use the left joystick to slow down smoothly.
Reverse gear
Operate the left control lever to reverse gear without removing the hand from the handle.