F60 Outboard Motor
F60 Outboard Motor
F60 Outboard Motor
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F60 Outboard Motor
  • Four Stroke Outborad Engine,Four Stroke 60 high Power Outborad Engine,60 high Power Outborad Engine,High Power Outborad Motor

  • Yacht Engine

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Durable, reliable, fuel efficient, quiet superior performance


Ultra low emission, CE and EPA approved

Exhaust through the middle of propeller so as to get low noise and low vibration

Innovative CDI/TCI ignition system for easy starting

High-output alternator provides extra starting power

Manual / electric start and remote control as the option

Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positions

‘Start-in-gear’ prevention, avoids accidental starting when in gear

Warning Systems for engine protection and safety

Fresh water flushing system, no need to run the engine