F40 Outboard Motor
F40 Outboard Motor
F40 Outboard Motor
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F40 Outboard Motor
  • Four Stroke F40 highpower Outborad Engine,Four Stroke Outborad Engine,Four Stroke Outborad Motor

  • Yacht Engine

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PARSUN 40HP 4-stroke outboard motor is equipped with electronic fuel injection, which provides excellent fuel economy, easy start, slower trolling speed, quick throttle response, lower emission and very smooth rides on the water.  Weighing just 204 pounds, it is easy to install and gives less weight for your boat to haul around.


Our F40 models are perfect for aluminum fishing boats, bay boats, inflatable boats, pontoon boats and fishing boats.  They are designed to satisfy the demand of leisure boaters with all kinds of boats.  Parsun 40HP EFI outboard motors are powerful, reliable and easy to operate.

l  Fuel-water separator and fuel filter prevent any debris or water in the fuel from getting into the engine.

l  Built-in freshwater flushing system provides easy routine flushing.

l  High output 18 amp alternator for battery charging and fishing electronics.

l  Digital CD ignition system for quick start of the engine.

l  Power trim & tilt or hydraulic system makes engine operating more easily.

l  The thumbscrew mounting bracket reduces the time and effort needed to install or remove the outboard from a boat's transom.

l  Multi point electronic fuel injection with ECM control delivers the precise fuel / air mixture for optimum combustion and provides smooth running.

l  Warning & protection: low oil pressure warning, overheat warning, start-in-gear protection for safe engine starting, safety lanyard and over-revving limiter.