Parsun T60 Outboard Motor
Parsun T60 Outboard Motor
Parsun T60 Outboard Motor
Parsun T60 Outboard Motor
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Parsun T60 Outboard Motor
  • Parsun 2 stroke 60hp Outboard Motor ,2 stroke 60hp Outboard Motor ,60hp Outboard Motor

  • Yacht Engine

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l  Safety: Engine safety stop lanyard with emergency shut off switch for stopping the engine immediately.

l  Quiet: Through propeller hub exhaust offers lower noise and exhaust.

l  Low fuel usage: The loop charged fuel induction system delivers greater combustion efficiency for higher power and optimum engine performance with less fuel usage.

l  Ultimate corrosion protection: The multiply-layer paint process and high grade marine aluminum alloy protect the outboard motor against corrosion and ensures long term durability.

l  Reliable electric starter: To get a quick and easy start every time.

l  Lighting coil: 12V DC output allows you to run a spotlight.

l  SOLAS propeller: Better acceleration, high top-end speed and smooth handling.