T40 Outboard Motor
T40 Outboard Motor
T40 Outboard Motor
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T40 Outboard Motor
  • Parsun Small Power Outboard Motor,Parsun 2 Stroke 20HP Outboard Motor,2 Stroke Outboard Motor

  • Yacht Engine

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1. Superior outboard engine water cooling system for improved engine performance

2. Twist grip throttle control for easy maneuverability & safety

3. Heavy duty aluminum cast starter for increased durability and reliability

4. Special engine design for increased power, high performance, durability and fuel economy

5. Durable cast aluminum construction for superior corrosion protection

6. Heavy duty lightweight aluminum cast propeller is standard equipment

7. Lightweight, compact and power-pact! Built light and compact, providing you the most power in a small parcel, so you can take them anywhere

8. Built-in Fuel Tank, Manual Starter & 360 degree steering without gear shifting-convenience

9. Front controls (Throttle, choke, recoil starter, Engine stop switch)-easy operation

10. Long steering handle, friction adjustment and Tilt-up stopper adjustment- -maneuverability

Perfect for inflatables, fishing boats, sailboats and small yachts