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EZ Outboards are Pure Electric Propulsion, focused on 20hp or lower power ranges which require less battery capacity and more affordable for boat owners. Our electric propulsion outboards are uniquely designed and engineered for the highest energy efficiency, maximum safety and virtually Maintenance Free.


MOX9 Marine Motor

No Brush. No Gear. No Moving Seal. Less is More.

Our latest X-series EZoutboards are now powered by the all-new patented Goldenmotor MOX9 Gearless & Brushless DC motor. 9 years of research and development spent in the pursuit of a brushless and gearless design has finally paid off. Now you can say goodbye to unwanted friction & weight and say hello to free extra mileage. Rated at IE5 (Ultra-Premium Efficiency), the MOX-9 motors will squeeze more miles out of your battery pack.

Contact-less Transmission

No Seal. No Gap. No hassle. 10,000 hours.

We thought you’d love to spend more time boating and less time doing maintenance, so we took water seals out of the equation. The MOX9 Marine Motor is designed to last up to (and probably more than) 10,000 hours maintenance free. BUT HOW? Introducing our revolutionary patented MAGPROP™ technology, our propellers are driven via electromagnetic induction, enabling our motors to become truly seal-less and maintenance-free, good for Non-Stop Commercial Use.

Swift & Silent

Hi-Speed. Low Noise.

With up to 20 horsepower and shaft speeds of up to 2600 RPM at your disposal, the X-series will get you where you want, except much faster. Our propellers are designed to be able to handle all that power while also being extremely efficient. Don’t want to scare the fishes away? Our MOX9 motors are manufactured with high precision machinery, remaining ultra-silent even on full throttle SportMode, they’ll never hear you coming.

Need More Power

Add more. Link it. Get more.

Got a bigger boat? Need more speed? We’ve got you covered. Achieve up to 80 horsepower (4*20HP) by simply linking up to 4 EZoutboard X-series in parallel drive with our new EZlink scalable interface. To maximize power efficiency, simply switch between single-drive EcoMode or multi-drive SportMode with the push of a button. EZlink gives you the ultimate flexibility by allowing you to selectively power up or down individual outboards, without ever going through the trouble of physically un-linking them.

Zero Emissions

Clean Water. Happy fish.

Now that the world is more aware of environmental protection, electric propulsion has undeniably become more relevant than ever. Goldenmotor products are developed with nature’s best interests in mind. We love our planet, and we invite you to join us in the push towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment for ourselves and posterity. Choose electric, make a difference, switch to the EZoutboard X-series today!


Sports Series Features: Pursuit of Speed, Sports Experience
1) Propeller speeds are comparable to conventional gasoline/diesel outboards. 
2) High-power high-efficiency brushless DC drive motor (3KW-10KW) provides strong continuous thrust
3) Gearless transmission, no speed reduction mechanism, making the design more concise, quiet, durable, and energy-saving
4) Long/short shaft All-in-One, users can adjust the installation depth and angle at any time to optimize the propulsion efficiency
5) Remote/Tiller control compatible interface, users can freely choose/switch control modes
6) 3-speed selectable modes: Sports / Cruise / Eco power saving, suitable for different use scenarios, to achieve a multi-purpose
7) Internal circulation cooling system similar to the car, which improves the life of the pump and is maintenance-free. Use the car's universal coolant to suit the local climate
8) Adopting the general-purpose gasoline engine propeller mounting interface, it is more convenient and economical to replace propeller
9) FREE smartphone meter display APPs, available in both Android and iOS versions: 
10) Open support for any 48VDC battery systems, users are free to choose a local battery suppliers
11) Machine installation is common with gasoline engines, simple and maintenance-free
12) The prices are equivalent to the four-stroke gasoline engine, affordable, and truly create values for users


Note: battery pack and charger are excluded.

How do I determine the capacity of the battery pack needed?

Battery is the new form of "fuel" for electric propulsion outboards, you never need to go to gasoline station to refuel your outboard anymore. You only need to recharge your batteries at home or docking place.
Once you've chosen an electric outboard that properly fits the weight and efficiency of your loaded boat, the next task is to size the battery bank that will store the energy to drive it. The size of the battery bank will depend on the amp draw you plan to regularly place upon it and the range of miles you desire to travel. It is not easy to know the current draw before you try it as each boat is diffrent from others in hull shape, length, load, speed and daily operation hour you want, not like electric cars which is fixed for each car model in factory. Our expandable battery modules will make your life much easier to determine how big the battery bank you need to meet your purpose. You can just buy one battery module first to test boat performance with electric propel outboard and find out accurate amp draw for your special boat setup in diffrent speed. After initial boat testing, then you can easily figure out how many such battery modules required to get the boat speed and travel duration you want. You can easily parallel link up to 4 expandable battery modules to form a larger capacity battery bank by using our Scalable Battery Hub (QuadCell, see product photo below). You can use two such hubs to link up to 8 battery modules. Each battery module is light weight for one person to carry around. Each module has its own battery management system (built-in BMS) and charger. We have developed two models of battery module for different electric boats, 48V30AH and 48V50AH. Their features and functions are basically same except they have different capacities. All have its built-in LED meter.


We choose the most safe LiFePO4 battery type for our expandable battery modules, the materials used inside battery cell will not cause any fire or explosion. The quality of cell is very consistent and can last more than 2000 charging cycles. Its C-rating is 3 times, that means a single 48V50AH module can output 150A continuosly. That's why you can buy just one or two battery modules first, to test the outboard motor performance and get amperage to calculate before you know the exact battery capacity you need.
For example, your trial boat testing shows you the motor current drawn from battery module is around 65A, if you need to operate your boat for 3 hours, then you need 65A*3H=195Ah battery capacity to meet your minimum requirements, this tells that you have to buy 4 sets of 48V50AH (4*50Ah=200Ah) battery modules all together.
Why we choose 48V system for outboard motor and battery pack, because it is safe for human and easy to pass local government safety regulations.
Of course, you can always buy other type of batteries from third party suppliers you can find locally, as long as its output voltage is 48V, and capacity is enough to drive the electric outboards.

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